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The Mysteries of 9/11


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20 March

The more time passes, the odder the events of 9/11 seem. Why did the jets wait so long to scramble with four hijacked planes running amok over the eastern seaboard(1)? In the old days, when men were Men and the Russians were Soviets, it was standard procedure to be up within five minutes of a hijacking.

Who arranged the charter flights to take 140 prominent US-resident Saudis, including two dozen members of the bin Laden clan, out of the country when nothing else was allowed to fly(2)?

Questions, questions, questions(3).

It was designed to be Shock and Awe, so maybe we didn't look carefully enough. Rewind the tape. Slow it down. Let's look at it all again from the beginning. That's precisely what some Spanish journalists at La Vanguardia, in Barcelona, have been doing.

And what's that on the underside of the second jet to smash into the towers? It appears in various shots taken from different vantage points, so it's no optical illusion

No, this is not a wing fairing.
Wing fairings don't cast shadows.

Pics from

That's exactly what Spanish newspapermen Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo and Xavier Mas de Xaxàs wanted to find out at La Vanguardia. Their work is so fascinating that we have decided to put it into English for the benefit of the world out there.

Spanish version (originals in pdf format)
English translation (in html)

Where does this piece of news come from? Is this sensationalism? What process of research has been followed? The La Vanguardia Readers' Ombudsman traces the story's history:

The second of the above articles was then translated and placed on a Forum run by Democratic Underground, where it generated a "spirited debate". It's well worth looking at:

Further reading

  1. The Enemy Within by Gore Vidal - The Observer, 27 October 2002 (Versión en español)
  2. Who let Saudis flee after 9/11? by Jeffrey J. Connaughton, Boston Globe, 30 September 2003 (Versión en español)
  3. September 11th and the Bush Administration by Walter E. Davis - Information Clearing House 31 August 2003
  4. From Hitler to Bush by Federico Fasano Mertens, editor of La República del Uruguay, 30 March 2003
    (Our translation & Original in Spanish)
  5. The Twin Towers: What Really Destroyed Them 9/11 Research (Versión en español)
  6. It's the crude, Dude by Linda McQuaig, The Toronto Star of Sep. 20, 2004.
    What went on in Cheney's secret energy task force meeting of spring 2001?
  7. Pentagon Strike 3 Mb presentation by the mysterious W
  8. Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? by Steven E. Jones, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

But enough seriousness, now for some fun: Bush el Wey

Salaam and peace to you all,

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